Tuskany Village is a snowy cowboy town in the land of Aurelius. On the second day of his arrival, Nevo arrives on horseback and gets shunned by those who live there. It is fairly close to Nevo's Village.

Notable Residents Edit

Attitudes Edit

The residents of Tuskany Village hate Cyrenians due to their militaristic, anti-magic views, especially Big Bad Brian who instantly threatens Nevo as soon as he arrives in suspicion that he is a Cyrenian. It is also revealed that one Cyrenian had been to Nevo's village but Brian had killed him.

'And you know what we did to him, I tied him to my horse [...] span him around like a bayblade 'til he was dead
Tuskany has a heat problem at the moment. Its mine only has gold and iron which they begin to trade with Nevo's Village for coal through the trader, Mortimer.