Ryan SpaceMarine in his armour

Ryan SpaceMarine, A Cyrenian who is known to fight on behalf of the Space Corps. He travelled and fought with his what he referred to as "a brother, a father and mentor" named Titus Molax who died in the Thunderhawk crash. Their last mission together was a raid at Welford Laboratories, where they captured Richard Welford and stole his newly created weapon, The Orb.


Early Life Edit

We don't know much about Ryan's early life apart from living on a farm with his parents back on Cyrene and the murder of his father by "those bastards mercenaries".


Space Corps Edit

Ryan has said that he fights for the Space Corps. He mentions the amount of times him, Titus and C.L.A.M.O.R completed missions for them. However, Ryan's last mission for the Space Corps was the Welford Laboratory Raid, where the group were sent to retrieve Richard Welford's newest creation (The Orb) and the scientist himself. They blew up the Lab and completed both objectives.

'All in a day's work: tracking down one of the most wanted criminals, blowing up a secret lab. I Iove it. Cheers to Cyrene!'
Unfortunately, when Ryan was flying back to Cyrene, the trio with Welford and The Orb were shot down by Leptis Magna Mercenaries.

Ryan's Arrival on Aurelius Edit

Ryan awakes crash landed near Nevo's Village, with Titus dead and C.L.A.M.O.R missing. He greets Nevo Ebliar, who offers help to the Spacemarine. Ryan accepts (but with the intent to return to Cyrene found through Ryan's Recordings) and proceeds to dismantle the wrecked Thunderhawk and provide Titus a funeral by burning his body that evening.